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I love my CB Brides!! They are absolutely adorable, energetic, value marriage, and love serving others!  I love developing friendships with my couples! They trust me with their special day and they know I am there to serve them and create a stress free day for them!  My couples know that I love taking A LOT of images because I don’t like to miss a moment and I love catching the in between moments!  I know wedding days can be stressful and there are things I forgot or have missed on our wedding day.  Today, for my Wedding Wednesday,  I wanted to share FIVE things brides tend to forget on their wedding day!  Sometimes, it’s just things we completely forget 🙂  Here are some top 5 things brides forget:


1. Bouquets need to be delivered to you, NOT THE CEREMONY or RECEPTION.

This is something I have noticed lately.  When I arrive, I usually start with detail shots and photograph the bridal bouquet. Sometimes, the bridal bouquet or bridesmaids are not there by the time I arrive.  It is nice to have them there where your getting ready because I love getting ring shots on the bouquets and using them to style your details 🙂 Also, this is the same for the boutonnieres for the guys 🙂

2. Wedding Bands!  Make sure you have ALL three bands with you 🙂

I know the best man wants to hold onto one of the rings, but it’s always easier to come to you in the bridal suite and grab all 3 of them for the detail images.  Since I love using natural light, I would love to all of them at the beginning of the detail shots and get them done 1st 🙂

3. Try sitting down in your dress before the wedding 🙂

This can be a little silly, but some brides can’t sit in their dresses either for bridals or dinner time!  I have had some bridesmaid dresses where they were too tight on me and I tried sitting for dinner and it was uncomfortable.  So try on your dress before your wedding and see if it’s comfortable to sit down for dinner!

4. De-clutter the room your getting ready in!

I find this one a BIG one 🙂 Have a place in your getting ready room where your bridesmaids can put their bags and anything extra they bring.  This will allow gorgeous images in the getting ready room, a clean place where you can get your beautiful gown on, and clear of distractions. Who wants images with bags, curling irons, makeup bags, and shows in their images 🙂

5. Dress Dirty? It’s OKAY! TRUST ME 🙂

I have seen brides’ dresses get dirty during their 1st look or during their bridal party images.  I totally understand if you are worry about it and you are afraid to walk down the aisle. Your afraid that people will notice it as you walk down. As I try my best to walk around the venue and choose locations that are not muddy or too dirty, it could happen where a little bit of dirt gets on it.  But, trust me, it’s okay 🙂 The tiny imperfections won’t show up in your images and you will look stunning in your wedding dress!  Please don’t let it stress you out! I am here to serve you on your wedding day and make sure your wedding day is what you envision 🙂

And  here’s an extra tip!  Something I wished I did more during our wedding, is take a moment and look out what is happening together!  Wedding days tend to fly by and can seem like a blur, but take a moment and look out at everyone 🙂 This is your special day and the Lord is bring yall together.  Enjoy the moments and the celebration!




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