Austin Texas Wedding Day | Katie & Andrew

What is it they say about the best laid plans? What a year this has been for brides and grooms everywhere. Katie and Andrew were no exception. They were originally planning to be married in Hawaii, but thanks to COVID, that wasn’t able to happen. Instead, they planned a different wedding day at a friend’s private ranch in Austin Texas in just 30 days… and it wound up being a beautiful day to celebrate these two (even if it wasn’t the original plan!).

Katie and Andrew met their freshman year of college during a young life leadership training. At the time they met, Andrew was dating someone else but they decided to pursue a friendship. Unfortunately, about 6 months later the two lost touch when Andrew changed schools and began to move around. A few years later, Katie was attending a church service by herself and somehow, Andrew randomly showed up. They were both so surprised to see the other and caught up. Turned out, Andrew was only going to be in town for a few days so he made it a point to ask Katie on a date. As they told me, the rest is history! Katie and Andrew dated long distance for nearly TWO years… so I know they were anxious to finally be married (and in the same zip code!).

Austin Texas Wedding Day

When plans for their original tropical wedding day fell through, an amazing friend stepped up and offered their private ranch to Andrew and Katie. In 30 days, they planned the gorgeous Austin Texas wedding day they had to celebrate their newest chapter of life! Unfortunately, Katie’s family was mostly unable to attend (thanks again, COVID!) but thankfully her brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law were able to be there with her. Other friends and family were able to be with Andrew and Katie as they tied the knot on this hot summer day in Austin!

Katie and Andrew chose to have a first look before their ceremony. One of Andrew’s groomsmen surprised him with a drink before he saw his bride, it was hilarious!!! And Katie and Andrew… when they first saw each other, it was SO emotional! After everything, they were just so happy to finally be getting married!!!

With an outdoor ceremony to make everything official, Katie and Andrew said “I do!”. They were able to stream their ceremony on Facebook for the family and friends who couldn’t make it… and after the ceremony, Katie’s parents called the newlyweds. It was super sweet (and emotional) for al of us celebrating with them. Despite the family and friends that couldn’t be in attendance, everyone there truly filled Katie and Andrew’s day with so much love and light. I’m so honored I was able to capture this special Austin Texas wedding day for them! They deserved it!

Austin Texas Wedding Day | Katie & Andrew

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