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Paul and Valerie | Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

I can’t be more excited to share this adorable couple’s engagements and their puppy!  I was so excited when Valerie and Paul contacted me about capturing their story through my lens.  We met at Starbucks and talked for over an hour about their story, how they met,  and what their envision was for their wedding day!

Valerie and Paul are Aggies alumni! I feel like like I literally have booked so many Aggie weddings lately!  Valerie and Paul  met during their Junior year of college at Texas A&M University – College Station. Paul sat next to Valerie in their Organic Chemistry class and she set up a study group to work on homework. There was another girl in the group, but she never showed up to work together. So it ended up just being Valerie and Paul. They instantly clicked and the rest is history! Paul likes to tell people that we have “Natural Chemistry” haha.

 I always love finding out how the guys plan their proposals and hear how much excitement they had leading up to the moment they asked! I love their proposal story!   Paul’s family invited Valerie to go on a cruise with them and on their third night, they went to the Love and Marriage show. The cruise director said that she did a random drawing for a prize and she called out Paul’s room number. Valerie was so excited for Paul, she rushed him up there to claim the prize! When Paul got on stage, the cruise director asked him where he was from and who he came on the cruise with. Paul introduced himself and said he was here with his family and his “beautiful girlfriend, Valerie!” and pointed right at me. Then the cruise director told Valerie to come join Paul on stage. Which she was confused about since they weren’t staying in the same room together. Valerie was thinking “why am she going up there?” When she got up there the cruise director said “We’re going to play a little game, I’m going to hand it off to Paul!” When she handed him the microphone, Valerie was still thinking they were going to play a game and win a prize. It wasn’t until Paul got down on one knee that she finally realized what was happening!  The rest of it is a blur.  Paul’s family recorded the whole thing! Everyone but Valerie was in on the surprise. All of Paul and his family’s weird actions that they had been doing previously, made sense. They were trying to plan the proposal, but keep it secret around her. Valerie loves how much thought Paul put into the proposal.
Valerie and Paul will be getting marry at the Springs Venue in Aubrey, Texas on May 29, 2018! I am so excited to capture their beautiful day through my lens! I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for these two as they enter into this new season! Love you both!

Paul and Valerie | Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

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