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Hey Mamas! Let me serve you in a brand new way!

I am so excited to be launching my education series, and I am starting with something I wish I knew years ago: taking professional quality photos with your iPhone!  I want to help you learn the art of taking beautiful photos of your kids and family and we'll do it together, one step at a time!

I am, Courtney, a wife, mom to 3 boys with a sweet girl on the way! I was a teacher in the classroom, but now I pursued a passion in photography and serving within the community! As a mama, I know how important it is to capture moments of your kids while they are growing up. That drive to capture my own family’s memories quickly transformed into a passion for teaching other moms how they can capture beautiful photos of their own families that they will cherish forever! 

I know the the best camera to use, is the one we have on us everyday! The iPhone!

Hi Moms! 

So let's get those photos looking BEAUTIFUL Using Your Smartphone!

We are all carrying around an incredible camera, so why aren't the photos professional quality? 

We are all carrying around an incredible camera, so why aren't the photos professional quality?





Common Phrases I hear From Moms when it comes to taking photos of their kids...

As moms, we have million of things going on during a day and taking photos can feel like a hobby or something added to our plate.  However, taking. a second to capture photos of your kids are much more meaningful.

I know as a mom, I am deep into changing diapers, making lunches, running errands, and constantly wiping crumbs off the floors.  It's sometimes easy to wish those days away, but those things we do as moms makes up motherhood and our kid's childhoods.

The act of taking pictures causes us to slow down and take the time to truly be present with our kids. It allows us moms to stop and truly see our kids in those precious moments.  If something as simple as taking a picture can reframe our perspective and allows to capture those everyday beautiful images of our kids!

I'm a mom, not just a photographer, and I want these photos too!

Hey Courtney, why do you care about this?

That's Why I've Launched Iphone Photography Course For You!

I will teach you how to pick out the right lighting for taking pictures of your kids

How does this sound?

I will teach you how to pose your kids and create those genuine smiles of your kids and babies!



the results you're going to get:

I'll go through every setting on your iPhone to explain how we use them to create incredible family photos


I will even throw in some bonus lessons where you come on location with me! 


I will show you how to take your edited photos of your kids and create monthly or yearly books so your kids can look at their childhood!


YES, I'M in!


Modules 1 and 2 will breakdown the basic settings to get your started before using your iphone. We will breakdown easy terminology and how to eliminate hazy iphone photos of your kids!

Modules 3 and 4 will go through lighting and how important lighting is when it comes to capturing those beautiful images of your kids. We will go through how to pose your precious newborn baby and capture those monthly photos of them. I will go through how to capture genuine expressions from your kids! 

The course includes

Welcome & Intro Iphone Photography


A community where you can interact with other moms and have a community that will support you and answer any questions you have for Courtney! 

Lighting & Posing

Modules 4 and 6 deep dive into creating videos of your kids. How many of us remember VHS videos of our childhood? Now you capture videos of your kid's childhoods! I will be walking you through to edit your iphone photos using my CBP presets in a free app on your iphone! Bonus** I will show you how to print your iphone photos through a company I love to use! 

Capturing Videos & Editing Your Photos




Mamas, taking photos beautiful photos has never been easier!   

Bite-sized lessons during nap time and no prior photography experience...

These photos can be yours just using your iphone! Want images like this?

You're in the right place!

I will be sharing my 4 CBP mobile presets to make editing your iphone images even easier so you can print your albums! They will only be 45% off when you purchase the course!

I will be sharing my CBP mobile presets for 45% off when you purchase the course!



"This is your day to capture those memories of your kid's childhoods for them to cherish down the road!"

Feel confident in the iphone camera settings and no more hazy photos of your kids!

Understand lighting to get beautiful precious moments of your kids outdoors and indoors.

Take your iphone images of your kids and learn how to edit them like a professional photographer!

Be the moment with your kids and capture album worthy images of their childhood! 

Have access to a Facebook community full of moms to help and support one another!

Take those millions of photos you have on your phone and print your photos to hang in your home!

By The End Of The Iphone Course You Will...



If you feel like you are not satisfied with the course within 30 days, you get a refund back if it didn’t serve you.

money back 


Do I have to have the latest Iphone for this course?

No, you do not. I am teaching on an Iphone 12, but this content works for older versions and I am available to answer any questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have access to the content forever?

Yes, you have instant access to the course content and can login anytime.  You can join anytime, but right now is the lowest it will be!

What technology do I need to access the course? 

You will need a phone or a computer and it does not matter what type or brand!

I take photos of my kids already using my phone? Will I still learn?

Yes! I know as a mom, it's hard to hire a professional photographer to follow you daily. Understanding how to use your camera on your phone, will help you capture those beautiful images of your kids that you are proud of!

When does the course start?

Instantly! I know as a busy mama to 3, it's hard because most days are unpredictable. You can always watch during nap times or early in the morning before the kids get up! These are bite-sized lessons and you can go at your own pace!

Will this course teach me how to use my DSLR camera?

This course is designed to help you understand how to use your phone as some of these concepts can apply to your camera. It does not cover manual mode using your DSLR camera.

Do you have examples on location to see you take photos?

Yes! There are 4 bonus lessons included where you can see me on location for indoor, outdoor, getting into a photo, and posing a baby!

I still have more questions?

Yes! Feel free to email me at and I would love to help and serve you in any way!

shoot me an email

That is okay! Feel free to send me an email below using the link and I would love to help and serve you! I want you as a mama, to capture those wonderful images and create albums for your children to look back on!

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