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POP THE CHAMPAGNE! Because my Courtney Bosworth Photography rebranded with Grace and Gold and everything is live! And oh my goodness, I’m so glad you’re here and I’m excited for you to see this! I would for you to take a look at how this design came together with my design team and my “why” in rebranding and new website!

As I’ve grown personally and in this industry and expanded my business, I realized my online presence needed to do the same. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be representing myself in the BEST way possible. But before I dive into this project, I have set my goals and my “why” for my rebrand:

  1. I wanted my brand to feel like me and show the best representation of myself! I am wife, mom, and a business owner!  My brand needed to represent all the things are important to me in my season of life and show that I love serving my clients! I enjoy meeting my couples at my favorite coffee place that reminds me of a farmhouse with shiplap everywhere! I put my trust in my designer to take my brand and visually bring it to life. With Grace and Gold, they took my vision and personality and put that into my rebrand and website!
    2. My website and brand needed to showcase the quality of my work, and just as importantly, my Wedding Experience in a way that allows me to engage with our CB Brides. I want my brides and grooms to feel like they’re at home and genuinely build a relationship beyond a vendor relationship!
    3. I want my couples to get to know me personally and how I love serving everyone! Connecting with my brides on a deeper level and form relationships with them that go far beyond the wedding day is special to me. I would love to do double dates with my couples and know them more than just their wedding day! There is more than just me that makes up CBP and that’s my husband and our 2 boys!


Joyful, Adventurous, Romantic.  These are the words to describe my style and my brand! I love serving couples who value marriage and are devoted to their relationship!

I want my CB Brides to fall in love not just with the images, but with my family as well! My passion as a servant is to capture your story through my lens because I strongly believe every couple and family have their own unique story that has brought them to where they are today! I want to provide my joyful couples and families with beautiful heirlooms where they can pass down from generation to generation! I want to capture those tangible memories and to serve my clients!

For colors, I landed on a light shades of pink, light greys, and light shades of neutral colors with white space for my images! When it came to patterns, I love SHIPLAP and the herringbone patterns and what they create when they come together!

The Blog…

The blog is something that is holding so close to my heart! My blog is where I want to genuine build relationships with my clients, connect on them beyond the images. I wanted my blog to feel a place of home for my clients to read about my personal life, marriage resources, our DIY projects we do, and see highlights of my couples!

I feel I wanted to go deeper with my clients and serve them in a different way!The design of my blog is unique and different that my designers haven’t created before! You will see featured posts of weddings, personal, and engagements when you scroll down!

Finally, the biggest THANK YOU goes out to my design team, With Grace & Gold. I can’t even begin to express how thankful I am to have met Kelly and Andra! I have so been nervous and anxious throughout the process, but they have always affirm me and encouraged me!  They handled each and every one of my requests with grace and the result is more than I could have ever dreamed of. I am so excited to show you my new brand and website! Thank you again to Kelly and Andra for everything! Check out my new website HERE!

Courtney Bosworth Photography Rebrands | With Grace and Gold

  1. Justine says:

    Courtney! Love you and your new website! My favorite thing is how clean and crisp the layout and the images are! Plus it’s super easy to navigate! So proud of you and all the amazing things you’re doing!!! 💗💗💗

  2. Valerie says:

    I love your new website! It looks amazing! Thank you for being a wonderful photographer and a great friend! We can’t wait for future photo sessions with you in the future!

    Much love,
    The Farrell’s

  3. Kristen Dickinson says:

    Courtney!! I love your new brand and website! It perfectly describes you and your personality. Your family and individual portraits are so beautiful. So happy for you, friend.

  4. Tim Dickinson says:

    New website looks great Courtney! Job well done.

  5. Madeleine Hall says:

    LOVE this site! Your new logo is so clean and sharp and makes a statement. I also love the neutral colors as it makes the stunning colors of your photographs pop!

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Courtney Bosworth Photography is a Dallas and Destination Wedding and Engagement Photographer - always willing to travel! I believe that every couple has a story to tell, and I can't wait to document your unique story through classic and joyful photography.