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Freddy & Laura | Engagements at Kylde Warren & White Rock

So excited to share these engagements of our sweet friends!  Freddy and Laura are tying the knot July 29th at The Springs Venue in Aubrey, TX!  Freddy and Laura met our mutual friends’ wedding!  Surprise!  Freddy saw Laura at the rehearsal dinner. Freddy asked Erica (the bride to be) who the single girls were in her wedding party.  Erica pointed Laura out and said she is!  Freddy immediately knew he wanted to talk to her and after their 5 min conversation and dancing the night away at Cowboys Red River and at the reception, Freddy asked Laura out on their 1st date!

Laura knew from the beginning that Freddy was different in every way possible, but in a good way!  She loved his love for the Lord,  love for others, and his love for her.  They both have fallen more in love with each other and are amazed that the Lord has brought them together for this new season as husband and wife!  Freddy and Laura, we can’t wait to celebrate yall soon and can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for yall!



Freddy & Laura | Engagements at Kylde Warren & White Rock

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