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Why I Should I have Two Wedding Photographers?

Wedding planning can be stressful in trying to find the right venue, the perfect dress, the right cake, the perfect wedding photographer, and the list could go on from there. Trying to find a wedding photographer that you trust, will serve yall well, they style you want, and is within yall’s budget can be stressful.  Majority of wedding photographers are with your the entire day and you want to invest in the person that gets along with you and your love ones.  They’re the ones creating your timeless and most memorable images of your special day.  So where do you begin? What do you look for in a wedding photographer?

Today, I am going to share to you the benefits of having a second photographer.  When I meet my bride and grooms, they ask, “Is it worth having a second photographer at the wedding?”  The answer is: “Yes!”  And here is why!

I am a huge advocate in having someone along with me during your special day. From my personal experience with our wedding, we had 2 wedding photographers.  While one photographer was with me in the bridal suite, the other photographer was in the groom’s suite capturing candid images of everyone getting ready and hanging out.  This allowed us on our wedding day to have more images, more in between moments captured, and allowed for different perspectives of the wedding day!  I am going to break down those individually for you:


More Images for You

This comes down to math and it’s simple math for those that don’t like math (like me). One photographer = 1 set of images; Two photographers= 2 times the images! It allows you to have more images from your special day and allows us to serve yall to the best and have a luxury wedding experience!


These images during the 1st look were with 2 photographers.  I was focusing on Kristen’s reactions, while my second photographer was focusing on Tim’s reaction!



More Moments Captured

I mentioned above that on our wedding day, one photographer was with me in the bridal suite and the second photographer was with my husband(fiance at the that time) in the groom’s suite. This allowed me to look back and see what the guys were doing in the groom’s suite while we were getting ready. It allowed us to see moments that we couldn’t see actually during the day because we were separated until I walked down the aisle.  Having two photographers meant having those extra moments captured to tell our story and those in between moments that might be missed by 1 photographer.



These images were done at the same time!  The 1st two images on the left were done by me at the front of the venue.







 While I was finishing up with the bridesmaids and formals, my second photographer was taking Tim’s individuals!






Different Perspectives

One of the benefits of 2 photographers is we can both getting different angles during the wedding day.  For an example, one photographer could be at the front of the ceremony while you are walking down while the other could be getting the back perspective and could be getting the groom’s reaction as you are walking down. The photographer at the front can be focusing on your emotions as you are walking down to your future husband.  Also, during the reception and portraits, one photographer could be capturing the straight on images while the 2nd photographer is getting those candid moments.


I was photographing straight on and didn’t move when I had them change their poses and my second photographer in the 1st image, grabbed these angle when I changed poses 🙂


Your wedding photographers will be with you the entire wedding day, probably more than your future spouse.  It’s important to find someone that you connect with you, that will serve you both during your special day, who is not just there to be a photographer, but also there to wear multiple hats for the day, someone to create a stress free day for you, and someone that can be a friend; not just another vendor.  If you can find someone that has those qualities, you will get double that with a 2nd photographer that will also love you, serve you both, pray on yalls marriage, and encourage yall along the way. I could keep going on about the benefits of 2 wedding photographers, but these are some of the main reasons why 2 is always better than 1! It’s like the bible verse,Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor; a cord of 3 strands cannot be easily broken!” –Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

If you think you’d be a Courtney Bosworth couple, I would love to talk with you more and serve yall! I would love to encourage yall and pray alongside yall as you enter into this new season of marriage.  Contact me here and we will get things started!










Why I Should I have Two Wedding Photographers?

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