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This is Part 2 of the “Becoming the Bosworths” series. If you missed Part 1: How We Met, check it out here


I am so excited to share this story! It has to be one of my favorites and a little embarrassing too 🙂 We started dating in May of 2014 and it wasn’t until around October we started looking at engagement rings. We went to Robbins Brothers in Dallas to start looking to see what kind of rings I would like.  I was pretty set on a princess cut and some diamonds on the side.  After visiting there, one of my best friend’s sister got engaged. I saw her ring and it was stunning. I asked my best friend where she found it and it was through a custom jewelry place. I mentioned to Jeff and gave him the number if he wanted to explore that route instead of big store 🙂 . 

It wasn’t until we were up in Michigan over Thanksgiving break, I was suspecting something 🙂 I am not the person that likes a lot of surprises 🙂 I noticed Jeff was getting phone calls and had to walk away from me when he was on the phone. I was like, “hmmm is something happening that I don’t know of?” Me being the detective and not liking surprises, I started asking him who was on the phone and he would just smile 🙂 I knew over Thanksgiving break, that I wanted to marry Jeff and I couldn’t wait for that day to come!

In December, his sister lived in San Francisco and wanted Jeff’s parents and us to come out there to celebrate Christmas. I was nervous because I haven’t met his sister yet, Jeff and I have been talking about getting marry, and only been together since May. Jeff and I did meet at the age of 29 and have dated other people for years. We knew after 3 months, we weren’t here to just date each other, but look for a future with on another. So, we made the decision to fly out to San Francisco to spend the holidays with his parents and sister:)

When we arrived, Jeff’s parents had tickets for us to visit Alcatraz (no he did not propose at the prison) :)! We took the ferry over, tour the island, and then drove up to Santa Rosa to meet his sister!  The 1st few days while we were there, we went to Napa Valley, hiked in the Redwoods, and visited several wineries 🙂 On Christmas Eve, we were watching Elf and there is a part in the movie towards the end. It is when the reporter is talking about Santa and the little boy called her out saying, “You want your boyfriend to buy you a ring and finally ask you to marry him!” That part made everyone laugh and I looked at Jeff 🙂 

The day after Christmas, we all drove into downtown San Francisco.  We stopped at a few places to overlook the golden gate bridge. During this time, which I had no idea, Jeff and his mom were trying to figure out if this would be a good spot to propose. The view was gorgeous, but Jeff had a place already in mind:) We then headed down to Fisherman’s Wharf and started this long walk to the place he had in mind.  I was being a bit stubborn along the way because I was so hungry and we kept passing places to eat, but everyone was determined to get to this location.  When we arrived, I was walking a bit further and Jeff’s mom handed the ring off to Jeff.  At this time, Jeff came up to me and I had this weird feeling because he was acting a bit nervous.

He pulled me closer to him and told me how much he loved me and got down on 1 knee! I couldn’t believe it! I was completely nervous and I am type of person I don’t like the attention drawn towards me. Jeff asked me to marry him and my immediate reaction was “No, your kidding right?” Then, I realized what was happening and said, “YES!!!” I was so excited and I knew the Lord has brought us to this point 🙂 I then asked Jeff how he hid this and kept it a surprise and loan behold, Jeff was creative in shipping the ring to this parents in Florida and they flew out to San Francisco with the ring so Jeff didn’t have to fly with it with me 🙂 What a creative man I have! I am so blessed and pray everyday how blessed I am that he brought this Godly man into my life! That day, I couldn’t have been more excited to tell my family and friends 🙂

That day, was the truly the beginning of a new season we were  entering 🙂 


On the way to Alcatraz 🙂


On the island where the prison is! San Francisco in the background 🙂


Stopped to take a picture at the Golden Gate Bridge before driving up to Santa Rosa to meet his sister 🙂


Hiking in the Redwoods and then finished off the day at Korbel for champagne tasting 🙂


One of the many spots Jeff was deciding whether to propose here or not 🙂


Spot #2 that was a contender for the proposal site 🙂



THE SPOT!  The pier we walked to with Alcatraz in the background and the Golden Gate bridge to the side of us 🙂



Engaged to my best friend!


I couldn’t wait to become Mrs. Bosworth 🙂 Stay tune for our wedding day!






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