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Indoor Lighting Secrets for Better Photos of Your Kids

As a mom of almost 4 kids, I know how important it is to capture images of your kids s they grow. I know as a little child growing up, I loved looking back on my childhood memories through the photos. And my own boys do that too with our family photos. I want you today, starting learning how to capture those beautiful images of your kids so you can have those tangible memories together. When photographing your family indoors, there are some tips you should know. Today, I’m sharing my indoor lighting secrets so you can take better photos of your own kids!

They’ll help you capture beautiful iPhone photos of your kiddos. As a photographer and a mom, I’ve learned that no two homes are the same. But, at the end of the day, if you know how to use your lighting, you’ll be just fine. I promise you: you’ll be able to take great photos – no matter what or where you are! 

Courtney Bosworth Photography shares indoor lighting secrets for better photos of your kids using your iPhone at home

My #1 Indoor Lighting Secret: Find Rooms with Natural Light!

My #1 biggest tip when photographing your kids indoors is finding the rooms with the best natural light. By natural light, I mean the light that is coming in from the outside and filtering in your room – likely through a window. You want to have ONE light source when you take photos of your family inside and natural is the way to go. Turn off your overhead lights and lamps. Artificial light results in weird shadows and an unnatural yellow tint over everything, which makes your entire picture appear yellow. Make sure your blinds and shades are open. This allows all of the natural light to take over in your room! 

Courtney Bosworth Photography shares indoor lighting secrets for better photos of your kids using your iPhone at home

Natural light helps you to capture those beautiful skin tones and even light on your subject. 

Seriously, one of the most beneficial things you can do for your iPhone photos is turn off all the artificial lights around you (lamps, ceiling lights, etc.).Start using only natural window light whenever it’s available and you will automatically see a HUGE improvement in your images.

Having a good understanding of light and how to use it to your advantage will transform your photos, regardless of whether you’re using a smartphone or a fancy camera. I know this might seem simple but it’s my favorite indoor lighting secret – helping me create beautiful images no matter where I am!

For more tips, grab my free download HERE!  and see more hacks for your iPhone photography HERE!

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Indoor Lighting Secrets for Better Photos of Your Kids

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