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2 Hacks for Better iPhone Photos

As a mom of three (almost four!) kids, I know that sometimes the best way to get photos of my kids is on my trusty iPhone. Over the years, I’ve also taken many bad photos of them – bad lighting, bad backgrounds, even just blurry or hazy. While I firmly believe in capturing the moment, even if it’s less than perfect, as a photographer, I do want good quality images that we can love for years to come. That’s why I’m sharing 2 hacks for better iPhone images. These two hacks are SO simple – you’ll be able to start using them today! 

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#1: Wipe Off Your Camera

When you think you took a great photo of your kids then realize it’s hazy, it can be so frustrating! One of the easiest ways to get better iPhone photos is to wipe off your camera lens! The reason it may look hazy is that we touch our phones constantly and the oils from our skin get onto the camera lenses. Not to mention, little hands covered in dirt (and who knows what else?!) touch it too! Before you take a photo, wipe off the camera with the back of your shirt to make sure it’s nice and clean! No more hazy images!!

2 hacks for better iPhone photos

#2: Choose Great Light

Like I said before, I’m all about capturing the moment – even if it’s not perfect. But, when you’re trying to snap a quick photo of something special, think about your light. This is one of the biggest ways to take better iPhone photos!! Inside, find the brightest room to take your photo. Make sure your lights are off and open all of your shades/blinds in the room. You want to stick to ONE light source – and natural is always best. If you’re outdoors, look for open shade. This is shade that will make sure all of your kids’ faces are shady – no weird patches of light. 

There you have it! Two quick and easy hacks for better iPhone photos of your kids! I’ve also got a free download that you can grab here for more hacks – and make sure you don’t miss my new course, iPhone Photography for Moms! I teach you all of my secrets for better iPhone photos and how to edit, store, and print your favorites!

2 Hacks for Better iPhone Photos

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