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Kimball Art Museum Engagement Session | Haley and Zach

Oh my gosh, I’m so excited to be sharing Haley and Zach’s Kimball Art Museum engagement session with you! It was such a beautiful session to celebrate these two and their long (and SUPER special) love story!

How they met!

Haley and Zach have actually known each other since they were two years old. They’ve been told stories over the years about how they only ever had eyes for each other. With crushes on each other until middle school, they couldn’t wait to be officially together. And after Zach called Haley’s dad to ask if he could date her, they knew they’d found something special! They continued to date though high school and even long distance for the last five years.

Zach and Haley have a super sweet relationship, so it’s no surprise their proposal was sweet too! Zach asked Haley to go on a special dinner date before the summer was over. Despite the nice attire and a pit stop at Zach’s church to pray before their date, Haley had no idea what was up. Zach was trying to keep everything within the realm of what they usually did on a date! But then, things changed. While praying on the kneelers (usually left out for weddings), Zach began to read a letter to Haley. That part wasn’t out of the ordinary – they wrote letters all the time! Before she knew it, he was kneeling asking her to marry him. And the next big surprise: a photographer had captured it all! After a quick portrait session, they headed out – but not to the restaurant. Instead, Zach had coordinated a special dinner with both of their families to celebrate at his house! Another letter was waiting for Haley explaining how he chose her ring and they danced under the stars, promising to remember that night forever.

Kimball Art Museum Engagement Session

I was SO excited to get to photograph this Kimball Art Museum engagement session with these sweethearts. It was such a special evening! Haley chose the most beautiful dresses and loved absolutely stunning dancing and cuddling with Zach. We were so blessed to have a gorgeous sunset and a beautiful night for their portraits! Enjoy!

Kimball Art Museum Engagement Session | Haley and Zach

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