Bridal sessions are ONE of my favorites to photograph! I am sharing some tips for preparing for your bridal session! It is a time for you to be in your put on your dream dress! This will allow you to do a trial run with your hair and makeup, and your flowers! Not only do you get to wear your dress, but you get to wear it TWICE! Sometimes on wedding days, the day flies by so quickly! Bridal sessions allow you to have time for portraits of yourself!

Most of my brides have their bridal sessions are held at their venue or choice of theirs. Most venues schedule bridal sessions during the week since weddings are on the weekends there. I love doing these because it allows the brides to spend an hour to an hour in half with their mom and maid of honor in a quiet setting. It allows the bride to see herself as a bride, makeup all done, her flowers, and all of her details to make her dream dress come alive.

A gorgeous fall bridal session at The Grand Ivory by photographer Courtney Bosworth

One of my brides at her venue, The Grand Ivory!

A gorgeous fall bridal session at The Grand Ivory by photographer Courtney Bosworth
The Grand Ivory Bridal Session by photographer Courtney Bosworth.

Tips For Your Bridal Session

When you book a bridal session with your wedding photographer, I recommend doing them anywhere 1.5 to 2 months before you wedding date! This allows you to have time to get alterations done in time for your bridal session. Arrive early to your venue or location of choice, so you have time to get into your wedding dress and start on time. I would clean your engagement ring, have your flowers ready to be photograph, jewelry, and your shoes. Sometimes my couples will bring a clean white sheet to tuck under the dress to prevent dirt from getting all over it. Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes so you can hang your wedding dress back on it’s hanger and into the bag.

One thing I suggest for your bridal sessions, is to bring your mom/or a close relative and one other close person to you. This will have with the flow of your bridal session and having the help allows you to take in this special moment before the big day! I promise you, this is one of my favorite moments to capture for you! After you bridal session, brides love printing them on canvases for their wedding day! I am so excited for you and this new season!

Dallas Arboretum Bridal Session by photographer Courtney Bosworth
Dallas Arboretum Bridal Session by photographer Courtney Bosworth

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