Tips On Scheduling Your Engagement Session

It’s always a little intimidating to have your picture taken…even if it’s just a photo on an iphone taken by a close friend! We still want to look nice, make sure nothing is in our teeth and our hair is behaving! One thing I love serving to my couples are tips on scheduling their engagement session and styling for their session!

I realized over the past few years and from my personal experience, it can be a little overwhelming from what dress your going to wear, what my fiance is going to wear, and to the location you want your engagements at! As a bride, there is a bit of pressure to not only have a beautiful wedding, but an engagement session too!

I would love to share some tips on scheduling your engagement session as timing plays a factor in each season. I love doing engagement sessions during the week depending on the locations because a lot of times on the weekends, places are filled with crowds and other photographers. Majority of my brides take off the day to go get their hair and makeup down and are ready to start 2 hours before sunset!

Light is always tricky depending the times of the month and the location your wanting. The winter times can be hard as it does have a lack of color in the trees and ground here in Texas. It’s not impossible to make winter engagements beautiful. During the winter times, it best to schedule two days you can take engagements in case of bad weather!

Here are a few of the things I tell my own brides in the case of a bad weather forecast:

Planning Ahead

I am a planner and I constantly check my phone for weather. My goal is to make sure my brides to get those glowy sunshine portraits that they see throughout my work. I always try to plan 2 possible days for my brides and have a backup plan. I know lots of my brides take the day off of work, make appointments for their hair and makeup, but I do my best in serving my couples and will always make the call at least 24 hours in advance.

A gorgeous sunset anniversary session in Scottsdale, Arizona by photographer Courtney Bosworth
A gorgeous sunset anniversary session in Scottsdale, Arizona by photographer Courtney Bosworth

Light Is So Important

To get those glowy and sunset portraits you see, light plays a huge role in achieving that style. I love photographing when the sun is out and the bride’s hair is glowy from the sun hitting the back of it. When I arrive at locations, I always locate the sun when arriving to a location to make sure we get those photos you see in my work. I try to avoid rainy or dark cloudy days if possible. Dark and rainy days has a different light to it. So when it comes to my engagement sessions, that’s why I try to plan a make up day to make sure my couples get those dreamy and glowy portraits they have dreamt about! If there is a slight chance to reschedule your engagement session due to weather, I highly recommend it and it will be worth the wait!

Fall modern and outdoor Fort Worth Engagement Session by photographer Courtney Bosworth

Choosing Locations

Choosing locations and the starting times depends on lighting! Lighting plays a big role in the locations you choose. Majority of my brides had locations or a type of feel/background they are wanting for their engagement session! When I start engagement sessions, we usually start 2 hours before sunset. This allows me to meet my couples, teach them a few core poses, and get comfortable in front of the camera. We usually start our session in a location that allows a little bit of shade since the sun is a bit high still. After we spend about 45 minutes in that location, move to the last location until sunset. My couples usually save their formal wear for this time to get those dreamy, glowy portraits they have pinned on pinterest board or have dreamt about!

So when choosing a location, we have to think time of the year and the lighting! If my couples don’t have a location in mind, I love sending them some options too! this new season yall are in and engagement sessions are full of joy and laughter! I love engagement sessions and my couples love this time spent together! Check out HERE for more engagements!

Tips On Scheduling Your Engagement Session

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