My Photography Journey: From Teacher to Full-Time Photographer

I have big news: I STARTED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL! I’m SO excited for this next phase of my business. Honestly, I can’t wait to connect with all of you and be able to share of my journey and my tips for other moms who want to take better photos – and maybe start their own photography business. So today, in my first video, I’m sharing more of my photography journey. From being a teacher to a work from home mom with a blossoming photography business. I’m sharing it all in this week’s video, so come take a look!

This week’s video!

I taught in the classroom for 5 years and when we became pregnant in 2016, our priorities shifted as a family. I went back to teaching and coaching after maternity leave but I realized I was gone a lot more than I wanted to be. At the time, family time was sorely lacking and we all knew something needed to shift. I resigned from teaching so I Could stay at home. But, after a little bit of time, I realized I needed something more.

It was around then I decided to pursue photography. I went to Target and purchased my first camera not long after that. I started to offer to capture my friends’ families for 75 dollars. Fast forward to 2018, and we welcomed our second little boy and my business began picking up. I was photographing 60 families and capturing 15 weddings that year. In 2020, we welcomed our 3rd little boy and I am now photographing 23 weddings and 100 families a year! Things have grown quickly and I am so blessed in how my small little business grew. I’ve learned so much as a wife, a mom, and a small business owner – and now I want to share that with you!

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My Photography Journey: From Teacher to Full-Time Photographer

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